How It Works

The patented Three Piece Tee® balance trainer lays the proper foundation for younger players through muscle memory balance and grip training — consistently providing successful performance results as they advance in age and skill level.

At the core of every successful baseball or softball player is a foundation of strong mechanics and what makes for strong mechanics is proper balance. A properly balanced position is the first, and most important, building block for any player that wants to achieve their true potential and make it to the next level of competition.

Balance is Power

A common misconception among beginners is where speed and power originate. Bat speed and power are produced from a player’s balanced core and feet, not their arms and shoulders. Maintaining proper balance on the balls of their feet allows a player to quickly pivot their load foot towards the ball, squaring their hips to the ball. This means using one’s entire body — not just the arms and shoulders — to generate maximum hitting power.

Off-Balanced Player
Unlike the player below, the off-balanced player in this example has eliminated the use of their bottom hand while hitting. They no longer have the option of placing the ball where they want. As a right-handed hitter, this means hitting the ball almost exclusively to left field.
Three Piece Tee® Player
In this example, the player trained by the Three Piece Tee® balance trainer has equally distributed their weight to both their load and stride foot, allowing them to decrease head movement for greater visibility as well as giving them the option to place their hit in any area of the field they see fit.

Being off balance not only diminishes a young player’s chances of hitting with power, but can eliminate roughly half of an athlete’s field of play. A common mistake for young hitters is shifting too much weight to their front leg, which extends them beyond their center of gravity and cancels the use of their bottom hand.

The Three Piece Tee® balance trainer helps to train athletes by intuitively pinpointing improper footwork through the use of good old fashioned gravity. Players will instantly become aware of improper footwork as they practice executing a swing while maintaining their elevated position.

Step Lightly

To acquire a true balanced stance, young players must learn to rest their weight on the balls of their feet rather than standing flat-footed. This position gets them into a hitting position quicker, generates maximum hand speed and power and increases their reaction time for getting to first base. The patented Three Piece Tee® balance trainer uses grip training to prevent the load foot from pivoting unless athletes use correct weight distribution on the balls of their feet — maintaining proper balance.


The patented Three Piece Tee® balance trainer is composed of three identical pieces, each six inches wide and approximately 3 feet long. When disassembled, the three pieces can be stacked and carried in its own convenient carrying bag.


The patented product and design of the Three Piece Tee® balance trainer also features 3” diameter inner tubes that run the length of each piece.This inner storage area can be used in a variety of ways — from the storage of bats and balls to canned drinks .