The benefits of the Three Piece Tee® balance trainer are being praised across the country. Read about the experiences of some of our satisfied parents, coaches and players.

“We began using the Three Piece Tee® balance trainer in the summer of 2011 as a regular part of our workouts. Over the past 9 months, we have realized its value as a durable, yet affordable, hitting tool for improving balance and technique. From a coaching perspective, it has enabled us to teach our younger hitters the importance of maintaining proper balance while striding through the baseball. Because we use the Three Piece Tee® balance trainer as a part of our regular hitting drills, our kids have quickly learned proper muscle memory and have developed the ability to recover quickly from bad off-balanced swings. I recommend this product for coaches looking to improve their players’ balance and swing in general.”

-Coach Donnie Williams
Apopka Shock
2011 Florida USSSA State Champions