Bullpen Chatter

The benefits of the Three Piece Tee® trainer are being praised across the country. Read about the experiences of some of our satisfied parents, coaches and players.

“We began using the Three Piece Tee® trainer in the summer of 2011 as a regular part of our workouts. Over the past 9 months, we have realized its value as a durable, yet affordable, hitting tool for improving balance and technique. From a coaching perspective, it has enabled us to teach our younger hitters the importance of maintaining proper balance while striding through the baseball. Because we use the Three Piece Tee® trainer as a part of our regular hitting drills, our kids have quickly learned proper muscle memory and have developed the ability to recover quickly from bad off-balanced swings. I recommend this product for coaches looking to improve their players’ balance and swing in general.”

Coach Donnie Williams
Apopka Shock
2011 Florida USSSA State Champions
“I think the TPT is great because it helps keep you in line to the plate. I know with Sam Houston and with the Phillies they are big with staying in line and maximizing velocity and control. It really helps hitting wise as well. It keeps you from stepping in and closing yourself off and also as stepping out and pulling off the ball. So, I think it is a great tool to use to improve your baseball career.”
Andrew Goadial
Former Sam Houston State Pitcher and current Pitcher in the Philadelphia Phillies Organization
“The Three Piece Tee® has been a great development in my hitters as far as their balance goes pushing off with their back leg and their swing. It has really made a difference in them.”
Billy Renfro
Coach and Hitting Instructor at The Competitive Edge training facility in Spring, Tx
“The Three Piece Tee® is a revolutionary way to develop the proper mechanics for both hitting and pitching for all ages.” Spencer Davis, Banditos baseball coach/instructor.



"My son's team started using the Three Piece Tee® trainer in the Spring of 2011 in route to winning the USSSA10U-AAA Oklahoma State Championship. The improved balance of our hitters from training on the Three Piece Tee® translate into a noticeable increase in power when the boys step in the batter's box."

Jason P.
Stillwater, OK


“The Three Piece Tee® balance trainer was a big help to our boys this year in route to Brazosport Christian School’s first TAPPS 1A/2A State Championship. Thank you Three Piece Tee!”

Lonnie K.
Lake Jackson, TX


“I purchased the Three Piece Tee® as a training tool for my Little League team and received it on 2/24 and began using it on 2/25. I had 2 concerns prior to purchasing the Tee. #1. “How sturdy is this thing?” #2 “Will the kids be able to balance on this and if so how long until they master it?” Well let me start by saying that I’m 200lbs and it held me and my 245lb neighbor so put that worry to rest, this product is built well. As far as the kids slipping and not maintaining balance, first off the Tee is thicker than what I assumed it was, secondly the grip tape on the Tee works well and as long as the players use regular sneaker NOT cleats any player should be able to master this product within a few swings.

Now the reason I purchased this product was for my right handed players that move away from the plate towards 3rd base with their swings. I believe this will be a great tool in helping them build the muscle memory to complete their swing with little to no stride and most importantly stay in the box. As a pointer please use this product on solid ground, not on a regular diamond. 

Coach Tom
Apopka, FL.


"The three piece tee is one of the most useful and important hitting tools a player and coach can use!  We do thousands of lessons, instructing players from 4 years old to college level and the hardest thing to teach is a players lower half and "feeling their movements" to make correct adjustments and feeling what is correct and what is incorrect so that they can adjust and make the positive change.  Often times words and instruction alone yield slower results.  With the three piece tee any parent or coach can work with a player and have them feel the correct hitting position instantly.  Players also are able to repeat their swing because they are avoiding moving off the platform.  The beauty of this tool is that parents can practice with their children and with limited knowledge correct a players swing.  This tool does the work for you!

The dreaded "stepping out" when hitting is corrected very quickly! Pitcher's also learn to stay in line with their target and really start to understand how important "direction" is when pitching.

There are numerous products and devices for all aspects of hitting, and this is one of only a select few hitting tools I use to achieve maximum success.  Every player should own this product!

Jason Alamo

Former Collegiate Coach at 6 different college programs

Owner of The Alamo Academy and The Alamo Baseball Ranch

Corpus Christi, Texas



Jason Alamo