Three Piece Tee® Balance Trainer is a portable baseball muscle memory trainer that intuitively teaches young players to correct and refine the most important factor for hitting the ball with greater power and efficiency - Balance. When it comes to maximum power, the pros know balance is key. Learn how Three Piece Tee® Balance trainer can improve your player's balance and prepare them for the next level of competition.

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Three Piece Tee® Balance Trainers

Three Piece Tee® Pro Lite™ Balance Trainer
Our Three Piece Tee® Pro Lite™ Balance Trainer is our lightest trainer that weighs about 13 lbs, and is "2" in height compared to our original trainer that is "4"

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Three Piece Tee® Balance Trainer
Our Three Piece Tee® Balance Trainer is our original model that sits "4" in height off the ground, and was designed to help athletes maintain balance as they hit the ball

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Three Piece Tee® Plank
Our Three Piece Tee® Plank is our largest model designed specifically for pitching, but can also be used for catchers as well

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“I was introduced to the Three Piece Tee® Balance Trainer in the spring of 2014, and that summer, I earned the National Pro Fastpitch Player of the Year award.”

-Andrea Duran- 2 time National Champion, UCLA. 2008 Olympic Silver Medalist, 2 Time World Champion

“I think the TPT is great because it helps keep you in line to the plate. I know with Sam Houston and with the Phillies they are big with staying in line and maximizing velocity and control. It really helps hitting wise as well. It keeps you from stepping in and closing yourself off and also as stepping out and pulling off the ball. So, I think it is a great tool to use to improve your baseball career.

–Andrew Goadial- Sam Former Sam Houston State Pitcher and current Pitcher in the Philadelphia Phillies Organization

“We use the Three Piece Tee® Balance Trainer a lot. We definitely like to take it on the road with us because it is so transportable. That way when we are at conference play during SEC play we can use it in the cage for our hitters. The pitchers like to use it more than anything. I think that from the standpoint of the fact that you can fold it down, or take it apart, it makes it really easy to use for lots of different drills because it can be small, or really big. We use it from a balance standpoint just so we can create, yet still understand where our bodies are at. It’s something that we definitely try to use multiple times a week and we really like it.”

-Lindsay Leftwich- LSU Assistant Coach



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